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Video Essay Reddit in 2023

December 18, 2019

Video Essay Reddit

There are many things to consider when submitting a video essay to Reddit. These include audio quality, genres, self-promotion, and monetization. Below is a quick guide on how to maximize your chances of getting your video accepted.


Subreddits for video essays are not a given. Some are more useful than others. For example, you might have noticed the subreddit dedicated to the video game “The Legend of Zelda”. The good news is that a video game themed subreddit has its own merits. But the real trick is to find one that’s worth your time. It’s also worth mentioning that there are many to choose from.

There are many subreddits for video essays, so it’s important to do your research before you dive in. Some of the better ones to choose from include the subreddit named after the cult movie “Twelve O’Clock Troll” and the subreddit named after the eponymous novel by James Joyce. Those two are among the most popular and active. A few of the lesser-known ones are worth a look.


Video essays are a new and rapidly developing genre of visual essay. It is a medium that requires a significant amount of research, presentation, and planning.

Video essays have developed over the last few years. They are a growing genre of visual essays that combines written arguments with images. Usually, they are a few minutes long, but can be longer.

The most common type of video essay reddit uses edited footage from a movie. In addition, it may include still images, a voiceover, and other elements. This format also allows the presenter to control the direction of the presentation.

Some video essayists prefer to use a more straightforward film-analysis approach. For example, Davide Rapp has used side-by-side analysis in recent months.

Audio quality

There are many channels, if not many sub-channels, out there in the wild and world-wide web. However, not all are created equal. The quality of the vicious may vary from channel to channel, and even from the folks behind the curtain. For the true nerd, finding out which channels have what you like best may require a little digging on your part. That is where a good question-and-answer session comes in handy.

Video essays are no different. You see, they are a sacrifice of the soul in order to make longer videos that can be monetized and viewed. This means you’ll need to find the right way to do it.


Self-promotion in the video essay context is a bit of a stretch, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting noticed. For one, you can make a post at a time, or schedule it so you do it at times of day when you are more likely to be seen. Secondly, you can take advantage of the fact that many subreddits are moderated, so you can get more votes for your contributions. Finally, you can get your name out there by becoming a member of a few reputable third-party sites.

Reddit is notorious for having strict rules, and the self-promotion rules are no exception. If you want to use the site for self-promotion, you better do it the right way. Aside from the obvious ban on personal shopping, you won’t be able to engage in any form of direct interaction with your peers. The aforementioned subreddit is a good place to start, but you should not expect any kind of reciprocation.


There are many different ways to monetize your video essays. Some of the more common methods include advertising, affiliate marketing, and donation. It is important to consider the various types of monetization before you make a decision, as each will have an impact on the productivity of your channel.

The easiest method is to simply put ads in your videos. You can place non-skippable ads after the intro or a particular point in the video. Another option is to use ad networks. These networks will allow you to choose which specific videos you want to monetize.

Alternative monetization strategies such as Patreon, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies are used by over 32% of problematic YouTube channels. These channels use these cryptocurrencies for both donations and product sales.