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Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers

July 8, 2019

Research paper is one of the most complex and big assignments, so people usually start with reading a thesis statement. It gives a general understanding of the paper and whether it can be useful for their purposes.

Simple but comprehensive sentences should contain information about your research: main ideas, questions asked and some of the key findings. You should take thesis seriously, because people won’t read your research if its brief content is not interesting. Your teacher is not an exception and most likely he will read the thesis to decide whether the research is worth his time and attention or not. That is why it is crucial to know how to write a thesis for a research paper.

Writing a thesis statement

If you want to get the best understanding of the assignment without wasting too much time, you can start with searching for examples online. There are lots of various templates online available for downloading, so you can find those, which suite your needs and reflect your own topic in the best way.

However, not all research paper thesis statement examples are good and may only harm you if not chosen properly. That is why try to stick to reliable ones and always analyze the downloaded sample even if it seems professional and academic.

If you know what the main aims of the research are, what you are willing to prove and explain, it will be very easy to create a thesis statement –simply write your study’s idea and make the statement as catchy and interesting, as possible.

Useful tips

  • Your thesis should reflect your own position. Explain the reader what your position on the discussed subject is, why it is true and what you are going to prove throughout your research;
  • Avoid questions. Most tutors don’t recommend using questions or lists in a thesis statement. It is better to stick to simple sentences, which render your main ideas and purposes of the study;
  • Use standard formulas, like ‘A is true, because of B’. You should only write a thesis statement, when your research is finished in order to avoid extra editing.  Thesis statement for research paper is a summary and should be completed only when all of the work’s sections are finished;
  • Focused sentences. Never include irrelevant and insignificant information to your thesis statement. Remember to be brief and specific, making the message clear and understandable;
  • Grab readers’ attention. Your thesis should grab and hold attention of the audience, because it will greatly help you to motivate them and read the whole research.

Search for examples

If you still want to learn how to write a thesis statement for a research paper, you should start with finding a proper example. The best and the simplest way is to find them on the internet, simply typing your request in the search bar.

You can search for templates in your field of interest and it will not only give you information on the proper structure but will also give fresh ideas on the subject and will boost your imagination. However, even if the topic is not related to your field, you can still use it to get familiar with the general structure.

However, keep in mind that these are samples and you shouldn’t copy them, because it may not only harm your grade but also influence your future if someone finds out that you are plagiarizing works of others.

Need help with a research paper thesis statement

Writing a great thesis statement is crucial, because it influences the whole research and helps people to decide whether they should spend their time reading the paper or not. So where you can look for assistance if writing a thesis becomes a real challenge?

First, students can turn to their tutors and professors. They can give a piece of valuable advice, help with writing an outline and give recommendations on the general requirements. However, you are not able to turn to them many times.

You can also ask your classmates for help. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that they will help you with the task on time and will meet all of your requirements. Moreover, most of the students are not good enough in writing thesis statements, so you greatly risk your grades, when choosing such assistance.

The most reliable way is to turn to professional writers. Our team of experts has worked on thousands of thesis statements and we guarantee a safe, protected and completely anonymous writing process. Don’t waste any more time, type in your request in the order form and enjoy yourself, while we will be working on the assignment!