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Pave Your Way Through Supplemental Essay Prompt

June 3, 2020
Pave Your Way Through Supplemental Essay Prompt

In many cases, students underestimate the importance of good and diligent preparation. It then results in failures during the admission session. A supplemental essay prompt has been created to make the process of writing this important paper easier for you. 

The Purpose of Dartmouth Essay And Its Main Aspects: Prompt 1

It all started in 1801 when Daniel Webster performed his famous line. In a nutshell, there was an utterance saying that nevertheless, the college is small, there are still some students who adore the institution and take pride in studying there. Thus, the first prompt to help you get a successful admission to the university, you need to elaborate on a few crucial aspects. Your task is to develop the topic concerning the program that the college provides. You also need to share your opinion about the community of the college and what was of your great interest here. Do not forget to mention what you liked about the campus environment. Make sure to restrict this part to as much as 100 words. 

Take Inspiration: Prompt 2

Now, let’s move on to the next part and look through the possible topics that you can discuss on the supplement essay. There are a few variants, and you should observe them thoroughly. Read them through and look at whether there is something that you want to write about. The word count is approximately 200-300 words. 

  1. A famous scientist, Albert Einstein, once said that he was not special at all and possessed no particular talents. The only thing that made him special was his passionate curiosity. Define what is special about you and what talents you do possess.
  2. Let’s imagine that we investigate the languages and take a closer look at the Hawaiian word mo’olelo. The basic translation for the word would be a simple “story”. However, with a deeper investigation, you can render it as “legend”, “genealogy” or “history”. Elaborate on the translation and think which of the words can tell about your personality fully. 
  3. The more creativity you use, the more you have as a result. You can never run out of creativity, as it’s your source of inspiration. This is what Maya Angelou said. Remember a particular moment of your life when you developed creativity. 
  4. When World War II was over, John Sloan Dickey, current president of Dartmouth, said a few words about the troubles. He pointed out that the troubles of the world are common troubles. In this respect, what are these troubles? If you consider some of them, tell if they inspire you to act. Try to tell more about how you are going to address them while studying at the college.
  5.  It was once said that we could not reach enough level of wisdom to understand what another person feels. However, it is our task to dare and try. The thought is of an author Louise Erdrich. Discuss what you think about it.
  6. One of the most versatile personalities, Donald Glover, was once asked to give an interview. In the speech, he mentioned that there is no fitting activity that he can relate himself to in the future. What can you say concerning this utterance?

Indispensable Dartmouth Essay Tips 

“Why do you choose Dartmouth” prompt 

If we omit the curious part and get down to the business, we can tell more detailed what the first prompt is all about. Basically, your task as a candidate is to answer simple questions that will demonstrate your motivation and desire to attend the institution. However, there is also a peculiar thing that makes the task a little complicated. You can write up to 100 words, and that’s it for the limit. It means that you have to set aside your knowledge about the basic structure of the essay that consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 

This is for sure, the format that you used in your previous tasks, but now you need to think differently. You don’t only have enough space to put everything you want. You should also proofread the text a few times to get rid of superfluous information. Every word is important, so take it seriously. Thus, try to keep the most substantial thoughts and get rid of not so important things. 

Now, it is time to look at the prompt itself. First and foremost, you need to define those essential aspects to cover. Thus, list only the most important parts that you like. Try to be specific, despite the subjects you are going to discuss. It may be the list of classes or the plan for undergraduate study. At this point, you should think thoroughly about your domain of preferences. Remember what was of great interest to you in high school. Recall what you are especially passionate about. Be motivated when writing the text, and try to show your interest in every word and sentence. The choice of lexical elements, the tone, and the mood of the essay will show the admission officers your real commitment. 

Try to think outside the box and list creative reasons for your admission. Perhaps, there is beautiful nature near the campus that you adore. Maybe, you liked the possibility of chilling with your groupmates and discuss current news together. Try to be unique, and the board will appreciate it. 

The final piece of advice will include being yourself. You do not have too much space to perform all your knowledge, thus try to hook the admission board with your charisma. 

Choose the best essay for you 

There are too many things that can help you succeed, but let’s list the most essential. 

Be careful with the word count. 250-300 words are still not enough to develop the idea into three main essay parts. Basically, your main task is to stay away from the traditional form of writing and be creative. That’s what the agents will appreciate. 

Try to demonstrate your true commitment and great interest in college. The admission board wants you to talk about your personal experience and how it influenced your vision of mundane and regular things. Perhaps, some of the events in your life contributed to the personality you are today. We have tried to make the prompts flexible enough so that you can express yourself and still adhere to the necessary writing scheme. 

Moreover, always proofread the text to make sure it is flawless and contains no mistakes. 

Einstein essay prompt

Consider all the hobbies that you experienced in your life. Then, try to think of the most memorable and significant and tell about it. If you cannot come up with the right hobby that would be appropriate for this kind of writing, you can take another way. Remember the latest surprise that occurred with you. Tell in detail about your actions and feelings. You can also develop the topic of the most exciting periods in your life and how you managed with them. 

Hawaiian word essay prompt 

Here your task is to reflect the thoughts through the prism of your own experience. Tell more about your origin and why it can be important for the admission board. You can also mention what your family traditions are and how they contributed to your current lifestyle. However, be creative and stay away from regular information delivery. In this case, you can show that you have a soft spot for retrospective writing. However, if you choose to be funny and hook the admission officers, stay away from this very method. 

Maya Angelou prompt for the supplemental essay 

Another great topic for consideration. Here you should perform your creativity in all forms and shapes. IF you have a regular story, make sure to highlight the most curious moment or impulse of it. 

John Dickey essay prompt 

This very prompt will be of much interest to those who are a penchant for politics, history, or social justice. Be careful when elaborating on controversial topics. You do not know the reaction. Your main obligation is to be partial and respectful. 

Louise Erdrich prompt for the essay

Try to play with the topic and introduce your thoughts in the most attractive way. The conflict between people is inexhaustible, and you should only choose the right direction to clearly express your thoughts. 

Donald Glover essay prompt 

This prompt is appealing and attractive to many students, as it is quite simple and cool. If your imagination allows you to discuss such topics, you can dig deeper, as you will never go wrong in this direction.