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Research paper topics for your inspiration

April 30, 2019
Research paper topics for your inspiration

Here are the best research paper topics for outstanding results:

Educational topics

  1. How to cope with bullying?
  2. The importance of technologies in school planning;
  3. Should metal detectors be installed in every school?
  4. Ban of social networks at schools;
  5. Special studies methods for children with disabilities;
  6. Can modern technologies influence the teaching process? How?
  7. Should education be free?
  8. Does a college degree influence income of an individual?
  9. Influence of standardized tests on education quality;
  10. Benefits of modern teaching methodology.

Environment topics

  1. Is GMO food really dangerous?
  2. Can nuclear power be safe?
  3. Prediction of floods and hurricanes;
  4. How buildings can be improved to resist hurricanes;
  5. Impact of earthquakes;
  6. How humanity changes ecosystems;
  7. Should environmental movies be shown at schools?
  8. How can we solve problems of overpopulation;
  9. How to save trees and limit usage of paper;
  10. Can global warming be stopped?

Topics for research papers on medicine

  1. Do medical doctors turn patients into addicts?
  2. Should advertisement of drugs be prohibited?
  3. Usefulness and danger of vaccination;
  4. Influence of obesity on health;
  5. Vegetarian diet for children: use and danger;
  6. Is milk a healthy product?
  7. Should medical marijuana be legalized?
  8. Should animal testing be banned?
  9. Placebo drugs: role and influence;
  10. Should euthanasia be legalized?

Sport and entertainment topics

  1. How social networks lower our self-esteem;
  2. Fake standards, broadcasted by tv series and shows;
  3. What TV programs should be prohibited?
  4. Should it be allowed to hold competitions between two genders?
  5. Influence of video games on teenagers;
  6. When newspaper will be replaced by virtual ones?
  7. Beauty standards, set by celebrities;
  8. Usage of animals in circuses should be banned;
  9. What is the influence of violent games on character of children?
  10. Influence of social media on the society.

Psychology topics for research papers

  1. How gifted people differ from regular ones?
  2. Can depression have an impact on the immune system?
  3. Harm of stress for our health;
  4. Can bad dreams have impact on people’s mood?
  5. Bad impact of insomnia on health;
  6. Can brain work more effectively, when classical music is playing?
  7. How to cope with mental problems?
  8. How to stop violence among children;
  9. Influence of behavior patterns on the life of an individual;
  10. Should autism be called a disease or an idiosyncrasy?

Politics topics

  1. Is socialism a utopia?
  2. Death penalty: should it be allowed or prohibited?
  3. How to cope with reduction of workforce?
  4. Is it possible to stop wars around the world?
  5. Can peace between Palestinians and Israel be achieved?
  6. How can be killings on ethnical and religious backgrounds be stopped?
  7. Should global community ban development of potentially harmful weapons?
  8. Gun control: pros and cons;
  9. Should adults be allowed to have a concealed gun?
  10. Should the government lower drinking age?

Easy research paper topics on culture

  1. How the Victorian time influenced culture?
  2. Importance of Greek heritage for the global society;
  3. Should pregnant actors be shown on covers of magazines?
  4. Influence of modern pop culture on teenagers;
  5. Cultural revolutions of every century;
  6. What are the main cultural achievements for the past 20 years?
  7. Influence of commercials on art;
  8. Background of anti-Semitism;
  9. How discrimination can be stopped;
  10. Why should we learn on the past?

Math topics

  1. The most challenging math problems of all times;
  2. Do people use math formulas in regular life?
  3. How music and math are related?
  4. Should math competitions in schools be promoted?
  5. How it is possible for some individuals to master difficult math questions so easily?
  6. How McDonald’s math issue can be solved?
  7. Can math change the world?
  8. Why the unknown is always ‘x’?
  9. Can a winning strategy for monopoly be built?
  10. Influence and importance of algorithms.

Business topics

  1. Influence of global warming on business strategies;
  2. The importance of sustainable growth for international enterprises;
  3. How to start a successful business;
  4. Risks of hitting global markets;
  5. How to promote a small enterprise with limited budget;
  6. Ethical decisions in work;
  7. Family entrepreneurship: pros and cons;
  8. The most popular entrepreneurs of our time;
  9. Can business without budget be started?
  10. What are the main dirty tactics of the business world?

Good research paper topics on technology and science

  1. Can crypto currencies protect identity data?
  2. Can self-driving and autonomous cars change lives of regular people?
  3. What is a big bang theory?
  4. What are the benefits for animals to interact with people?
  5. Is it possible for alternative sources of energy to replace fuels?
  6. The part of cryogenics in the future of science;
  7. Can nano robots influence longitude of our lives?
  8. What are the key facts about presence of life and water on Mars?
  9. Usage of light in treating diseases, including cancer;
  10. How technologies are used in educational process.