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List of Current Social Issues for Your Perfect Paper

October 29, 2019
List of Current Social Issues for Your Perfect Paper

People are being constantly criticized by others. In this case, sociology may help. This science allows you to learn more about other people and the world in general. Unfortunately, there are so many issues in society currently. The media is reporting about them daily. And most of those issues are caused by technical reasons. People have forgotten about normal human communication and have replaced it with social media.

The society is being changed constantly, so Writing an Essay on Social Issues may help people find understanding and compromises. Although this assignment sometimes can be a challenge for some students, they still have a chance to debate on different topics and express their points of view on certain issues. And a big perk of it is that you can prepare your arguments and think well what you are going to express.

Social issues topics can be endless. So here is the list of current social issues to choose from. And our useful tips will help you choose the right one for you and write on it properly.

How to Choose Your Topic from the List of Social Justice Issues

A list of social issues in America can be really long and confusing. So you should know some basics before starting to choose your topic. Wring a perfect essay is not as easy as it may seem at first sight, so we are going to tell you about the main aspects to consider before picking up your topic.

Think well on what social, anthropological, or psychological issues your essay will address. You should research your topic and make some analysis, especially if you are a beginner. Be patient while it may take some time and effort. At that stage, your task is to collect as much information as possible in order to understand the issue you are going to discuss and not to fail.

And you shouldn’t be afraid to be against conventional wisdom and make some mistakes.

Mentioning some old philosophical theories is a good strategy as well. You should show your understanding of the world and be able to express your personal view on the point.

Your ability to offer a solution to the situation would bring you some advantages. You should also express your reasons for writing on the topic and your desire to change the situation with it. 

Some more tips on choosing from the list of social issues in America

When you think of your social issues essay topic, you should first think of what structure your writing will have. As a rule, the structure of the social essay is not different from that of any other essay type. It should contain three main parts – introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Your introduction will contain your thesis, the main body will contain the arguments and evidence, and the conclusion will wrap it all up in a final sentence. However, real-life occurrences of the issues discussed are a must for your social issue essay, so don’t forget to provide experts’ quotes, statistics, as well as your own opinion as an integral part of the society.

The good news is that your essay doesn’t need to be original while it requires to provide as many sources as possible. So, when picking from a list of social issues, you should choose the one that you will be able to make understandable to a wide public. So before starting to write, do your research and analysis of the topic! Avoid choosing something you are not familiar with. so here are the best social issues to write about.

What you can write about

You can find social issues in any aspect of our society. So the choice is really wide. Thus, when being assigned your social issues writing, you should pick up the topic that is the most appealing to you. Remember that your topic is an integral part of your grade, so choose it carefully. It should be interesting, easy to research and deliver to the general public. Here is what you could write about:

  • Religion
  • Separation of state and church
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • War
  • Family
  • Parenthood
  • Bullying
  • Suicide

Here are some top topics to write about, so you can choose yours or just get inspired by some of the ideas below.

  1. Does Miranda Warning need to be revised?
  2. The violation of human rights in different layers of society.
  3. How does terrorism affect democracy?
  4. The prohibition of the death penalty: is it a necessity?
  5. Why do some men discriminate against women?
  6. What is justice and does it still exist in our country?
  7. Does the police abuse its privileges?
  8. The violation of modern labor rights.
  9. Existing social policies – do they really protect people?
  10. Is ableism a form of discrimination?
  11. Is there workplace discrimination in modern society?
  12. Does prejudice or discrimination affect our mental health?
  13. Total equality – is it possible in the future?
  14. Skinheads – are they the result of a racist upbringing?
  15. Third world countries and different studying and working conditions for men and women there.

Your list of social policy issues

The list of social justice issues can be very long, as well as that of social policy or social awareness issues. You can choose to write on gender identity, while the way people identify themselves makes a great social difference in terms of the way of interaction of people. When writing about materialism, choose to write about the influence of fashion on teenagers and the way they communicate with their friends and family members. You can also choose to write on social media as well and its influence on youth and their behavior.

You can also think deeper and choose to write on globalization, for example, on basic changes in labor markets or long-term unemployment. Demographic trends are also a common social topic to discuss, for example, you could write on the declination of fertility, changing family patterns, etc.

Below, you will find some issues that will inspire you to create the topic of your social issue.

  • Materialism
  • Gender identity
  • Government and social life
  • Obesity
  • Poverty
  • Internet
  • Children

Here are some topics you can think of:

  1. Should prostitution be legalized?
  2. How does racism influence people’s lives?
  3. Suicide and social media.
  4. The effects of bullying on children.
  5. Can we prevent cybercrimes?
  6. How does alcohol abuse of parents affect children?
  7. The effects of domestic violence on children.
  8. Teen pregnancy and its consequences on the further life of the girls.
  9. The stereotypes against LGBT people.
  10. Immunization: should be mandatory or not?
  11. Lack of Sex education in schools.
  12. Is there racial discrimination in kindergartens?
  13. Should the educational system be adjusted to the changing of times?
  14. The impact of television on the development of children.
  15.  Autistic children and how they are mistreated at schools.
  16. How your gender influenced your life and other people?
  17. Single parenthood: what challenges face single mothers/fathers?
  18. How does obesity influence the social life of people?
  19. How do drugs change people’s behavior?
  20. Do social media destroy the moral values of teenagers?
  21. How does advertisement affect our buying habits?
  22. Child labor – is that a problem in our country?
  23. Does the high-school hierarchy destruct the personalities?
  24. Does mandatory uniform destruct the identity of children?
  25. Does the government influence our politics views through social media?
  26. Does the economic status of the country define the social status of a person?
  27. Internet or social life: what do I prefer?


Social issue essay can be a real challenge. However, it is very helpful in developing your researching and analyzing skills. Sometimes it appears to be easier than you think. Once you are assigned such a task, make sure to understand it and have some idea about the social issue you are going to handle.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t wait too long before you start your writing. Procrastination is one of the worst things that may happen to students. It will bring you sleepless nights and a failed class. So when writing on such important topics, as social issues, you should start the process the soonest to avoid a sad outcome.

So if you feel like you don’t have enough time or skills to cope with that assignment, you’d better apply for the help of professionals. A professional essay writing service is one of the best solutions for those who have doubts in their writing skills, have a job, or simply want to enjoy their students’ life and get an excellent grade for in their subject. Our expert writers do all the job for you and leave you time for your job, entertainment, and just sleep.