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Best Law Dissertation Topics Guide

May 29, 2020
Best Law Dissertation Topics Guide

Academic writings on law are the toughest ones, and this guide is supposed to give you helping hand with the choice of the most suitable topic. To opt for the best theme, you need to follow several steps. To find them out, read on. 

Law Dissertation Writing Is Not an Easy One 

 Almost every student knows the struggle of choosing a topic for the dissertation. On the one hand, it may seem like an exciting experience that one should enjoy. However, this is a thrilling undertaking that requires a huge level of competence and responsibility. 

Writing a dissertation may be challenging if you opt for the wrong topic. Thus, you’d better take your time and be careful when choosing the very topic for discussion. At this point, you may ask where you should actually start looking for a relevant topic. 

The answer is clear. Law thesis topics are so diverse that you should narrow the list of possible themes to elaborate on the subject and reach great results. Here we are with a helping hand to give you an assistance in choosing the topic. Read on and make use of the extensive list of probable examples. 

What Is the Urge for Choosing the Best Topic for Your Essay 

Picking up not the most beneficial topic for your thesis can be detrimental to your future career. If you do not, your thesis writing be a decisive factor that can break your dream career, make sure to be attentive. Look through the following tips and work out the best plan for your law thesis writing. 

  • With an appropriate topic, you will be able to investigate neglected or less examined topics in your domain of preferences.
  • Unlike any other task given in education institutions, when writing a dissertation, you have almost full freedom of choice, and, thus, can learn more about the issues of your interest.
  • To make the task easier, opt for an interesting piece of information with enough credible data sources.
  • When you choose an interesting topic, it is easier for you to find good arguments and thus, defend your point of view. 

Now, let us demonstrate the most appropriate topics for your research. 

Thesis Topics on Criminal Law 

This area of legal study deals with the crime and prosecution of those who are to blame for the crimes. When working with the domain, you need to differentiate the definition of misdemeanor and felony. 

  1. How does the legislation act towards the male and female raping issue?
  2. Can we consider lie detectors as an effective means to identify a criminal?
  3. Can you name the most effective ways of protecting the victims?
  4. What aspects should you omit during the sessions?
  5. How to prevent revenge and protect a witness?
  6. Death penalty issue and its origin.
  7. Let’s draw a parallel between crime and morality issues.
  8. Consider the nature of crime and tell in detail about your thoughts.
  9. Sexual offenses court actions: do we need anonymity?
  10. What effect does war on terror has on the implementation of the law?
  11. Let’s touch upon racial issues within the prison.
  12. Can you draw a line between Islamic criminal legislation and droits de l’homme

Topics for International Law Dissertation 

Let’s find them out 

  1. What are the challenges concerning CISG?
  2. Post-Brexit era for consumers. 
  3. International cooperation for preventing terrorism. 
  4. Is it legal if a country intervenes in the affairs of another country? 
  5. Human rights law: obvious gaps. 
  6. What is the nature of the US involvement in Iraq?
  7. Do developing countries need enforcement of international law?
  8. What are the principles of formulating international law?
  9. Public safety issue in international law. 
  10. What can you say about digital legislation?

Family Law Dissertation Topics 

You can take a look at these topics if legal relationships at the family level are interesting for you. 

  1. What are the most important changes in Family Law for the last 100 years?
  2. Religion and laws for families.
  3. How does culture impact family lawsuit?
  4. The issue of domestic violence. 
  5. Divorce from the legal point of view. 
  6. What if you neglect a child? 
  7. Child vs Family justice. 
  8. Why do couples refuse to divorce?
  9. Do we need considerable reforms?
  10. Civil partnership legal foundation.

Research Topics on Employment Law 

 Employment law is another area that deals with relationships between the employees and their employers. The area is broad enough to require deep investigation. 

  1. How does the USA treat religion and the convergence of employment laws?
  2. Analyze the change in the UK laws after the Brexit.
  3. Trade unions and their effect on the UK economy and social life.
  4. Employment laws implementation in the USA and the UK: common and divergent aspects. 
  5. The security issue in the manufacturing industry of the US.
  6. Let’s review how the law is manifested within international firms.
  7. Social work employability: legal considerations.
  8. Employee discharge: the difference in the policies of the US and the UK.
  9. Gender issue in the workspace regulations: the US and UK systems comparison. 
  10. Sexual abuse during working hours: how can we resist it?
  11. DO we still have borders for the business trips between the EU countries?
  12. How does employment law treat the disabled in the US?

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics 

To get the best topic, you should have a clear picture of the issues common for the niche.

  • unfair trade;
  • advertising violations.
  • Start-ups’ challenges.
  • Complaints from the consumers about the business.
  • Trade tricks.

Now, when you know where to direct your main focus, we can elaborate on the topics.  

  1. How effective is commercial law towards transactions in the US?
  2. Give a brief review of the US commercial law.
  3. The implementation of international commercial laws in national universities. 
  4. How do international commercial laws are manifested in the UK?
  5. The use of international commercial laws in the energy sphere worldwide.
  6. How to confront dishonest managers?
  7. What to expect from commercial partnerships?
  8. How can we stop corruption?
  9. Pre-incorporation contracts profound investigation. 
  10. Analysis of policy practice in the UK.
  11. Corporate social responsibility and its role for the companies’ results. 

Intellectual Property Topics for the Dissertation 

To deal with such a broad aspect of the study, you need to take a closer look at the topics concerning intellectual property law.

  1. Can you coherently assess the impact of intellectual property rights from the economic point of view?
  2. How does the US protect the intellectual property rights of the indigenous people?
  3. Can we successfully imply current intellectual property rights with the latest advances in the technology domain?
  4. Let’s clear the issues concerning EU regulations and intellectual property laws.
  5. Can we say that the laws are manifested on the Internet?
  6. UK patent model: can we expect any innovation?
  7. The inventors and users balance: how are the EU copyright law manifested?
  8. US copyright law and its transparency. 
  9. UK and US intellectual property regimes: common features and differences. 
  10. Can you use the UK intellectual property law safely?
  11. Has EU law influenced the situation with intellectual property in the UK?
  12. How to strengthen US present-day intellectual property laws?
  13. Has Brexit influenced the situation with the intellectual property laws in the UK?

Dissertation Topics for Medical Law 

When you touch upon medical law, you should understand what the domain deals with. Actually, it observes how medical professionals and patients follow the rules. There are various areas of interest that can become the focus of your dissertation. It can be a confidentiality issue or negligence, for example. Now, let’s take a closer look at the topics for the dissertation. 

  1. Should judges possess relevant medical knowledge to give a professional and fact-based verdict?
  2. Analyze the laws about organ transplantation in the US.
  3. Abortion issue. What is the stage when an embryo can have the feelings and thus be an obstacle to abortion?
  4. Who should be the target for forced sterilization? What do we need to know about the appropriate steps and the process itself?
  5. Who is responsible for unsuccessful surgeries? Who is to blame and take responsibility for the failures?
  6. Is electronic fetal monitoring legal?
  7. Ethics vs medical law. 
  8. Lifesaving treatment in hospitals. 
  9. The application of the law in medicine. 
  10. Is it possible to be neutral when there is a mental disorder in a patient?
  11. Illicit medical intervention in the UK and its implications. 
  12. Is it ethical to use biobanks?

Begin Your Writing Journey

Writing a dissertation is an important undertaking, and you should be responsible for the results. Thus, choose the best topic, create an outline for your writing, and go right ahead.