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How to Create an Exemplification Essay: the Best Exemplification Essay Examples

November 5, 2019
How to Create an Exemplification Essay: the Best Exemplification Essay Examples

Sometimes that assignment makes students shake in their boots. It happens often because your knowledge and skills are deeply tested by your professor. An exemplification essay can be called an argumentative essay also, but keep in mind it is more specific and accurate.

What Is an Exemplification Essay and Its Main Features

To reply to the question “what is an exemplification essay”, it’s necessary to take a look at its definition. It is very clear that you should exemplify something, i.e. provide your examples. When working on your essay, you provide your main exemplification essay thesis, your reasons, and then the examples that will support your main thesis. That essay may be called not only argumentative but also illustrative while your examples should clearly illustrate your point of view. When writing your exemplification essay, you always think of your reader and the evidence you provide doesn’t support but illustrate your viewpoint.

We recommend using examples from real life, statistics, and data that prove your viewpoint. Citing professors, scientists, etc. will be very helpful but still, not enough. Yes, they affirm your thesis but don’t show it is an example from real life. So the goal of your exemplification essay is to explain why the opinion you provide is correct with the help of a real-life example that will be understandable to a wide audience.

How to write an exemplification essay: Top tips

To make a good exemplification essay, it’s necessary to write a strong plan and an exemplification essay outline. Here is how you should start:

1. First, think of your argument/thesis.

2. Now you should find a minimum of five reasons that will prove your thesis and point out those that are the strongest.

3. Now get ready to do your own research and find very exact and specific evidence.

4. Go through everything you wrote once again and try to depict a clear entire picture.

Exemplification essay format

A person who already had some experience with other types of essays should not have any difficulties with that one, while its format is standard. All five parts, including introduction, conclusion, and three body paragraphs are mandatory. However, there is a small difference. The body paragraphs should contain evidence that illustrates your viewpoint directly. You will find exemplification essay sample outline below to have a better idea of how your essay should look like.

As it was mentioned already, an exemplification essay should contain the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Three body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

How to Write an Exemplification Essay Outline

Below, you will find a detailed structure of the exemplification essay examples free that will help you create a great exemplification essay. When writing, always stick to that structure.

In the outline, your task is to brainstorm your readers. At first, compose all your thoughts on a paper and once you do that, just think about everything else that will help you create your perfect exemplification essay. It is much easier to have all your thoughts and ideas written while this way, you can sort them out, improve, adjust, and change their order.

During the work on your outline, you should include an introduction and a conclusion. In the process, add as many details as necessary until you feel it is complete. Your main point of view will be written in the body paragraphs along with some arguments proving it. Here you should provide as many facts as possible, as well as the resources you used in your research. Every point can be broken into more readable and interesting paragraphs.

How to Write an Introduction

In fact, the thesis statement should go over your exemplification essay topic. It means that you should write a short description of your topic’s main points which will be described later in a text. But the introduction should also contain the “hook” to grab the attention of your readers and give them a clear idea of what you are going to talk about.

How to Write Body Paragraphs

All the action is held by the body paragraphs. This part is a sort of separated from the introduction and conclusion and is in between. The number of paragraphs depends on the essay length, so your professor may give his or her requirements and you should follow them strictly.

Don’t forget to create an outline first which is essential for your writing. It will contain all the most important details of your essay which can influence your work. So in the introduction, you give a hint about the information you write about. So the body paragraphs should elaborate on it.

It is crucial for your essay to keep your paragraphs and facts in order. Don’t write any “water” and unnecessary things in your body paragraphs. Every word in them should have its meaning and be precise. Otherwise, you risk having problems. It is recommended to have a break in case you experience a lack of inspiration. Once you get back to it later, you will notice that your mind is clear and you can start again.

It’s Time for a Conclusion

So, you have written your intro, a detailed body, so now it’s time to close. In that part, you should mention all your points once again but without repeating the exact sentences from the body. Don’t forget to add a bit more information here because it should be a separate new paragraph. And it aims to convince your reader that you have a clear idea of what you are talking about. Your readers should have food for thoughts but not a new point of view.

In simple words, you should summarize everything provided in the body paragraphs. One of the main tips is to follow the arguments and support them with clear facts. Stating your opinion may be difficult, so your readers should see a new viewpoint on the topic. In the end, you should leave them thinking of the subject they could have never considered before.

Good exemplification essay topics to choose from

Feel free to choose from our exemplification essay topics list whatever may appeal to you. Keep in mind that you can adjust any of the topics according to your wishes or needs.

  1. Is a university degree really necessary nowadays?
  2. Should drugs be legalized?
  3. Can you argue the fact that drugs break relationships and people’s lives?
  4. Does a gender-separated class have a better learning environment?
  5. Can separate a class by gender be considered discrimination?
  6. Should everyone be covered by healthcare?
  7. Should gun regulations be stricter?

You will have a lot of space for research if choosing one of these topics. Also, it is possible to find lots of evidence to support your arguments. Remember that no matter what side you take, you should be able to defend any viewpoint.

Exemplification essay example for inspiration

The above-mentioned exemplification essay examples will help you get an idea of what this type of essay is. You can write about social media and its influence on face-to-face communication. Don’t forget to prove the good evidence, you will find plenty of it when it concerns social media. This topic also gives enough space for research and all possible evidence. 

Try not only to state but also prove that social media is addictive. Find some facts proving that there are certain types of disorders after using it among teenagers or young people, for example. The examples showing that people are more focused on their appearance or have some self-image disorders after using social media for a long time would be also very good. In other words, you should support your thesis validity in that exemplification essay.


We hope that now you have a better idea of what is an exemplification essay. It can be a challenge for you or just another assignment you enjoy. Everything depends on you. If you devote enough time to do your research and find some valuable facts, you can count on a good grade for your essay. Don’t forget that writing an exemplification essay is a time-consuming task. So we recommend starting doing it without procrastination. Otherwise, you bear the risk of failing the subject.

And if you worry about having not enough skills or knowledge to complete the task, we are always at your disposal. Our expert writers would be honored to help you while writing is their passion. Still, have doubts? Don’t wait till the last minute, place an order and get your exemplification essay right on time!