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Can We Imagine How Long Does It Take to Write a 5-Page Paper?

July 1, 2020
Can We Imagine How Long Does It Take to Write a 5-Page Paper?

In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the reasons why we can`t usually predict the amount of time that will be spent on crafting the 5-page paper. So, can we answer the question about the amount of time that is required for writing such a paper? Of course, we can`t say exactly, as there are multiple reasons for this. We have got several steps as well as aspects of writing. For instance, how long will it take to create a 5-page paper that requires thorough research? What about a 5-page personal experience story? Besides, we need to type 5 pages, so how long can it take? These are only some basic thought-provoking questions to consider, and it is not an exhaustive list. So, every essay and paper require a different amount of time for writing depending on various reasons, including the topic, the purpose, the research as well as the author`s writing skills. There is a question about formatting and style, too. The 5-page paper can be single-spaced or double-spaced, for example, so that the amount of time for writing may vary. Of course, there are lots of other aspects that are not presented here, but those you ought to keep in mind.

Topic as a Significant Component

Usually, conducting research work is quite a lengthy process to perform. As has already been said, research can serve as a crucial factor in time requirements. One more point is the writer`s interest in the topic. Generally, things go faster if a person is interested in the topic of the paper. Sometimes the topic can be assigned by the teachers, and sometimes the students can choose their ones. Moreover, the question of time still arises when we are talking about the typing of the paper, the number of quotations, citations that you should insert, and so on. The amount of time for writing depends on the format as well as the style of writing, as there is a range of peculiarities and differences regarding the formatting.

Basic Steps of Crafting a 5-Page Paper

Here below, you may get acquainted with some basic tips for creating a 5-page paper. Please, note that this is only an approximate list, and it does not contain all the existing recommendations. So, you should study this topic further in detail.

Start with the Appropriate Topic

The topic for a 5-page paper should be narrow enough. You ought to find the topic area of interest and narrow it. Some topics may be provided by the professor, while sometimes the students should find the topics that fit.

Carrying out Research

Usually, the shorter the paper should be as well as the narrower the topic is, the less research ought to be required. Generally, for writing a 5-page paper, the students might need 3-4 resources. Nevertheless, there is not a maximum. Of course, you should carefully check all the requirements for a particular paper and consult with your teacher.

Notice that all the resources should be original, credible, and primary; original writings or at least publications written by the known experts in the topic field. You ought to check every single point in detail to create a proper 5-page paper.

An Outline

So, it is highly recommended not to avoid this step of writing. The information should be logically and correctly organized. The outline is not supposed to be a formal document; the writer may at least line up the points in the correct order (in that order how he/she is going to cover them). This part helps systematize the thoughts before writing.

First Draft

This step is essential. Please, note that this is only your first rough draft, and it should be revised many times. Keep in mind that you can`t submit this first draft. There is much further work to be done before completing the paper.

Revise and Polish the Paper Carefully

The process of attentive revision, proofreading, editing, and polishing is indispensable when writing a paper. A thoroughly checked paper can help the students receive a high grade. So, it is necessary to check every single point meticulously. There should be no mistakes of any kind (no grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, etc.). Check whether the transitions between the paragraphs are good, check your thesis statement in the introduction, pay attention to whether all the sources are cited correctly; the essay should flow well, the whole paper ought to be coherent, smooth, logical, concise, well-organized, well-written, etc. Proofread and edit the paper as many times as it is necessary. The essay should be polished and without any plagiarism. So, this step matters.

When No Research Is Required?

Do you think it would take less time to write a 5-page paper when no research is required? Not always. For example, writing a critical analysis of the book or a movie or creating a reflective essay need to spend time going back over the topic piece as well as organizing your thoughts. So, such a 5-page paper may need even more time than the paper, which should be researched. The students ought to check all the requirements for writing a particular type of paper, particularly what and how much research is needed, etc. In general, it depends. Every type of essay requires time, as the writer should take into account a lot of aspects: the complexity of the topic area, the type and length of the paper, writing conventions, high academic standards, the format and style, and many more. The students should carefully check all the requirements for every type of paper and follow them.

Shorter Essays May Be Even More Complex to Write

For instance, when the student is writing a 15-page paper, he/ she has got “room” to expand on his/ her point. However, when crafting a 5-page paper, students should be brief as well as state the points clearly, providing enough factual information to back their points up. It can be quite difficult to write succinctly enough so that some students find it harder to write short papers. Anyway, start practicing and improving your writing skills.


As we have briefly discussed in this article, nobody can tell you the exact amount of time that is required for writing a 5-page paper. It depends on lots of factors. Always be sure to check all the requirements for a certain paper in detail and follow them. Remember to carefully check your work before submitting it. The paper should be revised,  proofread, edited and thus, polished. If you need any assistance with your paper, please, feel free to contact us. Good luck to you!