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Great Performance Rates with Our Gun Control Essay Guide

June 5, 2020
Great Performance Rates with Our Gun Control Essay Guide

Nevertheless, the topic is widely discussed; there are still students who wonder what gun control essay is. Basically, it is an academic writing that focuses on the discussion of the current situation with arms restriction and provides arguments for both pro-gun and against gun opponents. 

Gun Restriction Issue as a Global Challenge 

Our world is constantly changing, and there is no stable place where you can hide from the constant rush. The development in the technological domain and the latest novelties make our life easier and more comfortable. We should appreciate the progress and what it brings into our daily life. However, there is always another side of the coin. With the rapid development in all possible industries, the possible risks are higher as well. 

The unstable situation with political processes, health problems, and various international conflicts are present today, and in this respect, arms limitation issue becomes even more up-to-date topic for discussion. It is widely discussed in the universities to serve various purposes. On the one hand, it helps to shed light on the debatable issue. On the other hand, it can assist in finding the solution to the problems and looking at the situation in a different vein. 

Writing a well-developed and coherent gun control essay can be a tough task sometimes, as there are too many aspects that a writer should consider. You should be partial and respectful towards your target readers. You should also show your competence and knowledge of the topic by providing clear and strong arguments. Another point for your consideration is counterarguments that you should also insert in the text. 

We have managed to create the most comprehensive and exhaustive guide that can lead you through the gun control essay writing. Make sure to analyze each section and put it into practice. 

Find out How to Choose the Topic for a Good Gun Control Essay 

Before you start writing the text and putting down your ideas regarding the topic of the essay, you should carefully choose the topic for the discussion. To start your writing journey successfully, make sure to look through the following steps:

  • Do not underestimate good research on the topic that you want to develop. It is a substantial step before you take your side. You need to be perfectly aware of the situation to draw your own conclusion and decide on your position.
  •  To accomplish the first step, skim over the existing laws that address a particular question. Make sure that the sources you use are credible, and you can make appropriate references. 
  • Find the most flattering arguments and make notes.
  • Use specific language that will find the feedback in your audience. 
  • Gun essay outline is one of the first things that you should not forget. Add to your outline 3-5 arguments that can support your viewpoint.
  • Do not forget to mention counterarguments to look more professional.
  • When there is clear necessity to back up the information with sources, do it. 
  • opt for the topic that will continue to intrigue the audience.

Topics for Every Side

Pro-gun topics for the essay:

  1. If we have the list of weapon holders, our lives will be more secure. 
  2. This way, we can identify potential criminals.
  3. We can minimize domestic violence with these measures. 
  4. Gun control issues should be performed equally across the US.
  5. Let’s find differences in the constitution of states with different levels of arms reduction. 
  6. What are the benefits of the restriction implemented?
  7. Youth violence issue.
  8. Limitations can restrict the circulation of an unregistered weapon. 
  9. The situation with gun control in Texas.
  10. Why does the government hesitate to implement the restrictions?

Against gun control topics for essay: 

  1. What is there behind the desire to restrict arms usage?
  2. We cannot say that less, in this case, is better.
  3. Taxes and arms restriction can hardly prevent criminals. 
  4. Let’s take Australia and Sweden as an example. 
  5. Does the government want to reach liberation or this is just another chance to re-work current legislation?
  6. Gun control limitation: what Bernie Sanders said.
  7. Let’s take a closer look at arms limitation across the US.
  8. What is wrong with current arms reduction laws?
  9. Violence within the schools can make interpretation of new laws fail. 
  10. Will more severe restrictions resolve the challenges?

Choose the Most Relevant Arguments for the Essay 

To make the process of writing easier, you can make use of the possible arguments and counterarguments that will only enhance your essay. 

Read this section, if you are Pro-Gun Control:

  • Such measures will help the government stay on top of it. 
  • The society will be better protected if arms restriction comes into force.
  • Following this position, people will treat teenage violence more seriously. 
  • It will change the image that the weapon has on media. 
  • It will prevent illegal arms smuggling into the country. 

Read this section, if you are against severe arms restriction:

  • Harsh restrictions will cause additional pressure in society. 
  • The nature of violence will not change with stricter limitations of weapon use. 
  • Current legislation can undergo revealing of all its flaws. 
  •  With lesser restrictions, people will have more privacy. 
  • With severe limitations, criminals will have an urge to find additional loopholes. 

Best Tips for Your Gun Control Essay 

To achieve the best results, you should follow additional guidelines:

  • Choose the topic of your interest.
  • Check whether the sources are credible or not.
  • Be partial and try to be respectful to both sides of the problem.
  • Even when introducing the opposite point of view, try to demonstrate all your competence. 
  • Make sure to insert References or Works Cited in the essay, if it is mentioned in the requirements. 

Research Different Essay Types 

Various types of essays are what can be difficult for you in the process of writing. Thus, now we need to discuss this issue in more detail:

  • An argumentative essay is supposed to provide the reader with strong arguments and appropriate sources.
  • Cause and Effect essay can help the reader understand the implications of arms restriction. 
  • A definition essay will give a proper definition for the issue, process, term, or situation. 
  • The expository essay will focus on more detailed research on the topic. 
  • A persuasive essay is usually a literary task where you can step away from dry facts to convince the reader.
  • Reflection essay helps the reader understand your personal point of view. 
  • Annotated Bibliography essay is a brief summary of every source used in the text. 

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control 

When you resort to this type of essay, you should find the most relevant points to convince the audience. Your task is to convey the core idea of your message and sound credible. There are three main aspects to focus on when writing. Ethos includes citing credible sources. Logos presupposes using coherent speech. Pathos means being emotional and true to the reader. 

Argumentative Essay on Gun Control 

There are many opinions on a single issue, and thus discussing them is challenging. Look through the types of arguments and use one of them in your essay. 

Classical Argumentation suggests starting your essay with an introduction that is followed by Narration. The next step is Confirmation, where you provide sources. The final parts are Concession and Refutation. The last section is your Conclusion, where you summarize every aspect of the essay. 

Toulmin’s model includes a great variety of academic sources for supporting the arguments. 

The Rogerian model requires deep research on both sides. In this respect, the writer should find commonalities and come to the obvious conclusion. 

Make Use of Even More Prompts in How to Create an Outstanding Gun Control Essay

Before you proceed with the writing, you should plan ahead each and every part of your text. Choose the best topic and create an outline. It will help you define your position and express the thoughts coherently. 

Each body paragraph should contain the topic sentence to let the reader understand the essence of the argument. Introduce opposite opinions to the audience so that they can have a full picture. 

Edit your text and check whether there are mistakes that always harm the perception of the material. You can check it by yourself or use special programs that will do it for you. 

Let’s Read the Example on Gun Control Essay 

The personal Privacy issue is the reason to lessen Gun Control. 

Even if you are not interested in the topic, you will hardly lose the chance to discuss one of the most debatable topics today. There are too many aspects concerning this issue, but I have managed to research the aspect profoundly and come up with my own vision of the problem. There are three facts that made me come to the conclusion that strict arms restriction is not necessary. These are personal privacy, violation of laws, and personal safety. 

The situation with cases of crime in the country is awful, and citizens are worried a lot. Thus, they need to have a chance to defend their lives, and strict arms limitations can impede this. 

Another matter of concern is illegal acquisition sources to which the criminals will definitely resort if there are too severe arms limitations in the country. 

Those who support strict limitations of weapon use claim about the increasing violence and obvious danger. However, stricter laws will not control what purposes the weapon is used. Thus, such restrictions will hardly contribute to the reduction of danger. 

I believe that in both cases, the government should ensure personal privacy and compliance with human rights. To my mind, we should treat this issue seriously and strive to solve the conflicts without a weapon, regardless of the fact whether the restrictions come into force or not.