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Explanatory Essay Definition and Target

May 27, 2020
Explanatory Essay Definition and Target

What is an explanatory or expository essay? It interprets one`s opinion on something, people`s ideas, or events that have taken place. The main goal of this essay is to clarify the issue of the research, characterize and briefly disclose the most critical aspects. Writers usually make a common mistake – they convince the readers to concur or contradict their opinion instead of objectively introducing the issue and letting reciters make their own deductions. People exchange ideas and explain them on a daily basis. And authors are often enticed to give their own interpretation in expository essays. Actually, they just have to present the facts, proof, and their neutral attitude to the issue logically. The writer doesn`t have to make people be for or against the issue, but to make their own opinion. The author just elucidates the general data. In order to write a brilliant work, students have to keep up with all the requirements, structure, and essence. They must have the ability to dig into the topic and present it in an unbiased way. If you are not confident that you are aware of the peculiarities of writing the explanatory essay, read the instructions below.

The Draft Structure of Explanatory Essay

Each student has a unique expository essay because the length, topic, and complexness of are always different. If you study at high school or college, you have to know the five-paragraph format, in order to get A. It is advantageous to use such an outline because your academic paper looks well-structured, logical, and consistent. Follow these guidelines below to make an exemplary paper:

  1. In the Introduction, say what you are going to write about and why you have chosen it as a topic. You ought to include a hook, core info, and a thesis statement. Your target is to arouse interest by an engaging lead or cite. 
  2. Then give more precise information about the subject matter so that the reciter could have a clear understanding of what you are going to write. And lastly, insert a thesis statement. This will definitely attach readers to the issue.
  3. If the writer has to do deep research, there will be three or even four paragraphs or passages. The First Body Paragraph should include the first topic sentence, 3-4 supporting details for this topic, and a conclusion. As you have noticed, it must consist of more than one passage. It is good to present accurate evidence to support your ideas and facts. The writer has to demonstrate a deep knowledge of the topic.
  4. Second Body Paragraph has to consist of the second topic sentence, several supporting details for the topic, and a summarizing transition.
  5. Third Body Paragraph represents the third topic sentence and a few supporting facts for it, and a concluding transition.
  6. In conclusion, you have to summarize previous extracts, paraphrase a thesis statement, and suggest a comprehensive concluding remark.

If students would like to create a more sophisticated work, they may also follow the guidelines above. You ought to remember that the more complex your subject matter is, the more demanding your thesis statement becomes. For convoluted topics, write more body extracts to clarify all angles of the issue. When you add passages, mind the number of words, as in most cases, teachers overlook too long essays.

Essay Introduction Ideas

In order to write a decent study, find some free time, and make a plan for your process. Before starting writing the study, read these steps, and insert them into your academic paper:

Step 1. Pre-Writing

Lecturers frequently give specific questions for exploration, but if you should choose a topic on your own, do it in advance. Analyze and write down some facts that you know about the subject.

Step 2. Research

Do the research and look for extra information that explains your chosen subject better. Study subjects from numerous angles and make a long list of facts.

Step 3. Draft

Fill in the draft presented above. Then create a thesis statement and think over the gathered info. Promote your ideas by using collected facts.

Step 4. Writing

Using tips below, put down an expository essay, keeping up with all rules.

Step 5. Copyedit

Usually, writers read their academic works more than five times. Although there will always be some errors. A short disturbance may be the reason for a misprint or wrong comma. So try to make fewer mistakes. 

Effective Cues for Outstanding Essay

Read the following clues to write outstanding work.

Clue 1. Include an attractive hook to arouse interest in your reader.

These hooks may help you:

  • A quote from famous people
  • A Shocking fact
  • An Anecdote
  • An unusual fact;
  • A rhetorical question.

Clue 2. In order to present the issue in the best way, try various types of supporting details.

Offer appropriate points on the subject by referring to:

  • Entertaining facts
  • Amusing stories
  • Scientific info
  • Statistical info

Clue 3. Transitional phrases help to make your study logical:

Your explanatory essay will look more consistent if you use these phrases: 

  • First/Firstly
  • Second/Secondly
  • Third/Thirdly
  • As revealed by
  • To show that
  • Contrary to
  • Apart from this
  • Along with
  • Including
  • By the same token
  • Subsequently
  • Last but not least

Clue 4. Unforgettable summary

In the last passage, insert a summary of the most significant ideas, but it is better to present them. Use these methods: 

  • A description
  • An amusing narration
  • Several questions

Example of Explanatory Essay with Clarification

Why foreigners move to the United States

They say that the USA is the most preferred country to live in. [the bold fact] Every year, a lot of migrants move to the USA to start their life with a clean slate. [statistic] There are a million reasons why America may be attractive to immigrants. Here they can start a business, get a decent higher education, and upgrade many aspects of life due to benefits in the sphere of healthcare. [three main ideas in a thesis statement]

By all means, the USA is a top state for people who have a desire to become entrepreneurs. [topic sentence – the first main idea] Opening a business is a piece of cake here because registration of ventures is online. [supporting detail 1] American businesses are usually convinced that they hire high-class personnel. This is true because the majority consists of graduates from the best universities in the world. [supporting detail 2] Moreover, the GDP is continuously increasing. [supporting detail 3] This confirms a good condition of the economy, and it means that people can afford to buy whatever they want. The American economic system is transparent, and entrepreneurs usually give a certain percentage of taxes to the state, and another part of the income they spend and keep on their bank account. [concluding sentence]

The USA offers thousands of alluring educational opportunities. As a result, lots of undergraduates move to this country. It is home to the best colleges worldwide, which are famous as the Ivy League. Graduates of these colleges reach success, as upscale corporations struggle to employ them. One has to give whopping 60,000 dollars annually in order to study in one of the American universities. It is pretty costly. Still, students continue applying for numerous scholarships, which defray expenses partly or fully. Paying the full amount is also very beneficial because hard work pays off with brilliant career possibilities and extra perks, such as health insurance.

For all of those reasons, the USA is the best state for immigrants due to high-level medical care. Citizens of the USA receive the latest improvements in medicine, especially medical products, as the state asserts its dominance in financing biotechnology and exploration and improvement. Healthcare services are in the USA because numerous providers frequently grapple for the customers. However, medical services are expensive; most citizens have health insurance that defrays the expenditures.

Is it a nice idea to set up a company, enter a university, or buy medical products in countries of the first world? Would you rather move to America than stay in the country you were born in? When choosing the country based on business and educational opportunities, as well as healthcare services quality, the USA is worth keeping in view.