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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

September 17, 2019
How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

When you need to prepare an original argumentative essay paper, you need to follow all the recommendations and tutor’s instructions. At the same time, there are top rules and guides on how to perform a perfect essay paper that can be used by writers. The proper essay requires a catchy introduction, informative main paragraphs with strong arguments and supporting evidence, and practical conclusions. An essay conclusion is an essential part of every essay paper, which must be written properly. There is no difference in what type of essay paper you are dealing with since the proper conclusions are necessary when you want to submit a great final paper.

An essay conclusion always must contain the summarized thesis statement and the results revealed. Moreover, it is often useful to add recommendations and forecasts in this part of an essay. Numerous writers prefer writing a conclusion once the entire paper is completed. At the same time, you need to check your arguments, evidence, and the main thesis in order to provide a strong and practical conclusion. It is preferable to check a few tips and guides on how to prepare an excellent essay conclusion in order to submit a perfect final paper.

Conclusion of an Essay

A conclusion is an important part of an essay paper, which reveals the main points of the paper and research results. When you want to explain to readers the entire research work in a few sentences, a conclusion is an exact part where it must be done. Moreover, a conclusion also contains a call-to-action – an important part of every argumentative essay paper that makes people follow some directions and writer’s instructions.

When you need to find out how to write an essay conclusion, make sure to check the following useful tips and guidelines

  • Restate the main thesis statement, but use the other words.

A conclusion is the final part of an essay paper. Therefore, you need to summarize the information provided in the main paragraphs. Once restating the main thesis statement, make sure to paraphrase it.

  • Check and describe briefly your supporting ideas.

You need to write down only the most important ideas, and the ones that prove the main thesis and top arguments provided in the main part of an essay paper.

  • Summarize the main arguments and the top supporting evidence.

Make sure to focus on those arguments that prove the thesis statement. Write down the related and up-to-date supporting evidence.

  • Connect the opening statement with the final one.

Once writing down the main thesis statement into an introduction part, you should restate and prove this statement in the conclusion part.

  • Combine the statements to get an expanded conclusion.

A conclusion part requires a brief and concise story revealing. Moreover, only important arguments and statements must be provided in an essay conclusion.

How to Start a Conclusion in an Essay

When you need to perform a conclusion of the essay, make sure you know how to start it properly. First, the entire information for your essay’s conclusion is presented in your essay paper. There is no difference whether you are writing argumentative or compare and contrast essay conclusion, you will use the main thesis statement and arguments reveled in the main paragraphs of an essay. Experienced writers provide some useful tips you can use for writing an excellent essay conclusion.

  • Restate the thesis statement, but not rewrite.
  • A good conclusion is more than three sentences.
  • It contains thoughts, but not new ideas.

The main elements of an essay conclusion are the chief arguments and a thesis statement, therefore you need to add evidence that proves these statements in a conclusion apart. Moreover, you must always use only relevant and up-to-date supporting evidence in your essay paper.

In fact, when writing the conclusions, you can divide with the final part of an essay paper into three main components. You start your conclusions with the thesis statement’s restatement. Further, you summarize the sub-points. At last, you write down the final impression.

The main difference between an introduction and a conclusion is the fact that you start your essay with general sentences when an essay conclusion must be started with a specific sentence. Moreover, make sure to provide final sentences that are based on the main theory verifying. Thus, you place a thesis statement in the introduction and end the essay paper with a thesis statement proving in a conclusion part.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Writing a conclusion for an essay paper can be a challenge since you must provide concise and brief assumptions. There is no need to write a huge text with unimportant information included. Make sure to write down only the main arguments, facts, and supporting evidence.

An argumentative essay conclusion requires to follow the standard rules of essay conclusion performing. At the same time, make sure to avoid the following mistakes once completing an essay conclusion.

  • Avoid writing any new information. Just summarize your thesis statement.
  • Do not write personal thoughts. Your conclusion must be built on research results.
  • Do not make a conclusion too long. Make it 3 or 5 sentences long.
  • Do not write long sentences or phrases. Make this part brief and concise.

The essay conclusion must present the main points of the paper summarized. Moreover, you should add sub-points into this part as well. Make sure to write short and concise sentences and share only important information and data. You can add call-to-action if needed. Therefore, make sure you know the audience of your essay paper to provide a well-structured conclusion.

In an essay conclusion, you provide the final message for readers, thus the final sentences of an essay paper must be encouraging. Moreover, make sure to prove your thesis statement firstly mentioned in the introduction, when completing an essay paper. Your readers must be left with the feeling of a completed task after reading your essay conclusion. You can check the conclusion essay example online to figure out how to write a perfect essay conclusion.

Essay Conclusion Examples

There are numerous types of essays you can deal with once studying at high school, college or university. Argumentative, persuasive, expository and narrative essays have something in common. They all must be brief and concise. Moreover, every writer must focus only on the main ideas and arguments when preparing an essay conclusion.

You must impress the reader in an essay conclusion and prove your main essay’ idea written in the introduction part. The problem must be solved and solutions must be written in an essay conclusion.

  • Expository Essay Conclusion Example

The free education at college and university can become a great blessing for our country. Once more people will be able to gain a higher education, we can increase the number of specialists and develop society. With proper education, people are saved from different superstitions and a wrong point of view. It greatly helps people to become skilled and knowledgeable, and can even save people from joining various criminal groups.

Persuasive Essay Conclusion Example

A persuasive essay paper is a special type of essay, which is aimed at proving a certain point of view with arguments and persuasive ideas. The final part of an essay must be quite motivating and inspiring. Moreover, make sure to add a call-to-action in your essay conclusion.

  • Persuasive Essay Conclusion Example #1

My position was proved by the numerous credible sources and the results of my personal investigation. The idea of banning smoking remains quite a bad indication since it cannot bring a lot of positive results. In fact, this is one of the examples of human rights limitation. Moreover, it can badly affect the economy’s rise which is greatly based on cigarette selling. There should be other ways to decrease the number of people who smoke aimed at solving this problem without bringing new complications.

  • Persuasive Essay Conclusion Example #2

There are no doubts that violent video games influence badly young people’s minds. Moreover, numerous researches have already proven the fact that violent video games increase the person’s aggressiveness in times. Numerous tragedies in high schools and colleges have become an example of a bad effect of video gaming on the young generation.