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ASA Citation Format

October 23, 2019
ASA Citation Format

ASA paper format is one of the most widely used formatting styles numerous writers choose to prepare academic papers. It is also called the English American Sociological Association’s special style that is broadly used to prepare research papers in Sociology. This is one of the top formatting styles, together with popular MLA and APA citation formats, which has its specifics, peculiarities, and special requirements. The formatting style outlines the proper structure of an academic paper, standards of citations, content presentation’s way, and ASA bibliography format provides. The detailed ASA style instruction is offered online for every student who wants to complete ASA academic paper without a glitch.

How to Cite in ASA Format

ASA format is a special citation format that allows writing and submitting proper papers in Sociology and related disciplines. The sociological sciences and related disciplines’ students are the ones who use the mentioned format in assigned academic papers. The formatting style assures a proper text formatting, citations writing style, the ways you should write down headers, references, and the entire organization of an academic paper.

It is better for students to check first the standards and guidelines of ASA format academic papers before starting to write own piece of writing. The Internet provides a huge variety of ASA format sample papers you can use to check and learn a proper format and structure of ASA format papers. Be aware that different writing formats require different elements that must be included in an academic paper. Thus, the good knowledge of an assigned formatting style assures a proper paper’s elements organization and correct structure. You must check various tutorials to figure out how to organize the paper elements accurately and reveal the main content according to the style’s requirements.

ASA Reference Format Requirements

ASA formatting style has a lot of common features with standard APA formatting style. At the same time, the ASA format citation style has a bunch of peculiarities and exceptional features.

The top-most ASA format specific features and peculiarities are the following:

  • ASA style is recommended to be used in social sciences academic papers and research works.
  • An academic paper must have a running head, which remains a brief version of the title of the paper. You must use capital letters to write it properly. The running head must be less than 50 characters.
  • Use Arabic numbers as page numbers, which start from the first page (the header).
  • Use 1’’ margins in your ASA format an academic paper.
  • Use a popular Times New Roman fond size 12.
  • Double-spaced text is required in ASA format paper.

Make sure to follow all ASA citation format requirements and standards to come up with original and flawless final paper.

ASA Format Reference Page

ASA Format requires a proper organization of the mains points of the paper. Therefore, writers should check ASA guidelines before starting to prepare a paper.

ASA format Reference page has the following requirements and peculiarities.

  • The reference list is positioned at the end of the paper.
  • The reference list is named “References”.
  • Every entry in References must be listed alphabetically.
  • You need to write first the author’s name after you should put a year of a publication.
  • You need to write a number of a page in needed.

Make sure to place a Reference page at the very end of the paper and provide accurate direct citations formatting and final references. Use quotation marks to outline the direct quotes provided in the text. Place the information about a cited original source in the parenthesis at the end of the sentence or paragraph.

ASA Format in Text Citation

ASA reference format requires a list of obligatory elements and special components that are only recommended being used in assigned Social science academic paper or research work.

  • Title Page

ASA format title page should hold a full title of a used work, the name of the author, and the educational foundation. The information is provided in order to let other writers easily contact the paper’s writer. The title should be written in bold. Make sure to provide information carefully in order to write down only genuine data.

  • Abstract

This is one of the specific paper’s elements. It is not obligatory for writers to include it, but it is often recommended by tutors. An abstract goes right after a title page.

  • Reference Page

This is a section where all the used sources are listed alphabetically. You must write down the title of the work, the name of the author, year of publication and the publisher’s name. Place the Reference page at the end of the paper.

ASA in Text Citation Format

ASA citation format outlines the proper ways to cite the used sources in academic papers and research works in Social sciences and related disciplines. Therefore, when you prepare ASA academic paper, you must organize and cite the in-text citations according to the formatting style requirements. You must write down the name of the author and the year of publication when citing a material. Also, you need to write down the number of the page from an original source. Make sure to place a Reference page at the very end of the paper.

When citing a material, it is important to name the author and put the year of the publication into the parenthesis. When you use direct quotes in your academic paper, you must organize and cite them properly. Using a text from a source, make sure to use quotation marks to specify a direct quote. When you paraphrase the source material, there is no need to use quotation marks. The closing marks must be followed by the parenthesis with the name of the author and the year of publication. Also, you may need to write down the number of the page from the source cited.

ASA format example: “The received documents showed the huge importance of a railway station for the development of an entire region” (Davidson 1987: 11).